# Terms of Use This service is operated by _grin_, and it is provided free of charge by default. By using the service you agree to the terms fully; if you don't you immediately stop using the service. ## License (CC_By-Sa-4.0 / CC0) All the content you upload is licensed as [CC-By-SA-4.0](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/) if you provided your name and [CC0](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) otherwise (or by your choosing), and you guarantee with your full responsibility that you have the right to license it. As a consequence you have no right to request any data to be deleted (but you can delete most of your identified and non-collaborative data by yourself). ## Your rights to demand anything (you have none) You have no **rights** to use the service. The possibility is **offered to you as a courtesy** of the admins and depend on your behaviour. Your access may be revoked any time, with or without any reason by the discretion of the admin(s), with or without explanation. You have no further access rights to the content or any other parts of the service. (Apart from that you can reasonably expect that you will not be kicked out without a good reason, but this is not a promise, only a hint.) ## Allowed content - forbidden content We prefer public, open, useful, educating content. But the service is not limited to those: you can use it internally within reasonable limits. Preferably for collaborative edits. Apart from all illegal content (which is forbidden) commercial activity is not allowed, which includes all kinds of spam, advertisements, business offerings, and similar. Spammers get removed without notice and it's not unusual that their network neighborhood also lose access indefinitely. Please avoid politics if possible. ## Server security and stability The server is running in a datacenter on a self-owned cluster, regularly backed up and kept up to date. The services usually kept indefinitely, but may be discontinued in special cases, which include, but not limited to - losing support of the software (and when this become critical); - some unfixable security problem arise (never seen such a thing, but hey, who knows?); - usage patterns don't justify keeping it up (eg. nobody uses it anymore); - unexpected disaster (eg. a black hole sucks in the planet where the servers and the backups are). ## Your data You can download your data as long as you have access to the system. If you need it, download it. Don't trust anyone else but yourself. ## GDPR Do not store personal data here. If you do you are agree that we may store, process, forward, transpose, transfer, or any other way manipulate the data, and also we publish it to the wide internet. You are forbidden to transfer any personal data to us which is not yours, and you're liable for doing that. This service is not for that, respect this. ## Copyright problems, DMCA, other legal shit We try to keep it clean, and _supposedly_ remove obviously infringing matrial. When it's not obvious it _requires_ a detailed and believable explanation. The server is in the EU so don't try USA legal crap on us, it will not work. However being nice usually pays well: if you ask something to be removed and your wish seems justified, it may come true after all. You can contact us at `hedgedoc`:snail:`drop`:large_blue_circle:`grin`:red_circle:`hu`. > [name=revision] [time=2022 nov 21]